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Welcome, To the world  of Off- Roading on our ATV , we are thrilled to offer  ATV Tours and Rentals in Port  Colborne 
( 20 Min from Niagara Falls) , All our Rentals and Tours are run on Quad Niagara Club Trail.



Q. I have no Experience riding ATV, Can i still participate?


Q. Do you also do Rentals of ATV or Just the Tours?

 Yes We do Rentals from Tuesday- Friday Only and Tours on Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Q. Can i have passenger and what is the minimum age for passenger?

 Please call us to see if we have 2 up ATV in our fleet 

Q. Do you need drivers Licence to be able to rent?

By Law you do not require a Licence to be able to ride a ATV.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

 Our cancellation Policy is very strict,  please do not book if you are not sure, all the rental payment are paid in full while booking, The deposits are only taken on the day of the booking and release immediately if there are no incidents.

Q. What should i wear for the tour?

 Please wear thick and long pants , Closed shoes .

 Absolutely , Most People do not have experience riding ATV, but our Experienced  will guide you step by step, to make sure you are comfortable and confident to hit the trail.

Q. What is the age of Passenger that are allowed on the trail ? 

Youth between 8 -12  can go on the trail  as long as are accompanied by parents or any adult accompanying on an ATV, Please note that the Trail for Families are more levelled and grassed.

           3 Hours Rental $350
             All day Rental  $600

( Includes Tax, Fuel, Drop- Off and Pick up from Quad Niagara Trail Head) 
                  Deposit : $1000


ATV TOUR- FAMILY FUN (10AM- 12PM)  $275 (1 Adult +1 Kid)



   **PRICE INCLUDES  1 Adult ATV & 1 Kids ATV (125 CC)
The Family Time ATV Tours is Specifically for Parents who want to take the kids on ATV Trail, Please note that That Family ATV Tours is catered for Kids Between 8- 12 Years old who would like to ride their own ATV, Kids ATV are less Than 200CC ,Adults get a 300 CC ATV.
Family ATV Tour are combination of Training and Scavanger hunt and riding around the trail, The trails are mostly levelled and grassed .

ATV SCAVANGER HUNT (1 PM- 3 PM)  $185/Person

  A Fun 2 Hour tour With a thrill of Riding an ATV  and the Fun of scavanger Hunt , based on the number of particpants on the tour there will be two teams, The teams will be handed a piece of paper with pictures on it , As you ride along the tour you will have to find the location of these pictures as  a team, as soon as you get everything on the list make sure to inform your tour guide, The winner will take home a little Token of  Adventure.

FUN-TASTIC ATV TOUR (3 PM- 5 PM)  $200/Person

A Fun ATV Tour for the ones who like bit of mud adventure, Our tour Guide will lead you through some easy and challenging mud holes, your encouraged to go at a pace that is comfortable for you, if you can't its alright you can cheers others on.
Please do bring change of clothes &  covered spare shoes, we will have changing tents fo you to change your clothes after the tour, we do have rain suites  & Rain boots that you can borrow from us for FREE

Please Note During the Tours from Saturday, Sunday & Monday

*There are changing tents 
*Porter Potties
*Bottled water  & Pops FREE for all our customers
* Running water to Rinse off

* Please note when booking for a group, regardless of the time the tours can be customized specific to each group including Weekdays,
all our  ATV are single seater.