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Welcome To the  World of Off-Roading, right in the middle of all the Hustle and Bustle Of the Niagara falls, Enjoy 51 acres of  dry and graveled Trail with the choice of Mud track. You can chose to ride the ATV without getting Muddy or go all nuts on the water pit

Our Trails are on  Leveled ground making it family friendly Trail, Kids above 10 years old can

ride their Individual ATV as long as supervised and accompanied by parents  on another ATV and are able to Handle the ATV on their own.



                      $100/ 45Min / Person



Minimum age requirement for riding an ATV is 10 & Up as long as the kid has the ability to operate and handle the ATV on their own .

By Law you do not require any licence to be able to ride 
an ATV off-Road.

However we do require everyone to be able to handle and ride the ATV independently .