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Welcome To the  World of Off-Roading, right in the middle of all the Hustle and Bustle Of the Niagara falls, Enjoy 51 acres of  dry and graveled Trail with the choice of Mud track. Our Trails can be dusty or muddy depending on the Weather.

Our Trails are on  Leveled ground making it family friendly Trail, Kids above 16 years old can

ride their Individual ATV and are able to Handle the ATV on their own.



                      $100/ 45 Min / Person

 $100 Deposit /ATV



Minimum age requirement for riding an ATV is 16 & Up as long as the person has the ability to operate and handle the ATV on their own .

By Law you do not require any licence to be able to ride 
an ATV off-Road.

However we do require everyone to be able to handle and ride the ATV independently .


At Triker's as much we provide with Safety instruction and Gears for a safe ride, Please do understand that there is always a risk attached to This activity, Please know if you are involved in unsafe riding practices after a warning you will lose your deposit and the Tour 
will be stopped immediately with no refunds .

DRESS CODE (Important)

   * Ankle Length Pants 
   * Closed Toe Shoes ( Absolutely no sandals or slippers)