E-trike    $45/hour

3 Wheeler E- scooter , is perfect way to explore Niagara falls and Niagara on the lake 
3 wheels makes it perfect for people of all age to  ride the scooter safely , its built for a passenger and can fit a 2nd person, (Max total weight 308 pounds) Kids over 6 year are allowed as passengers.

Pick up time : 9:00 am   Drop off : 12:30 pm 

Pick up time : 3:30 pm    Drop off : 5:30pm

2 seater surrey    $35/hour

2 Seater Surrey Bike  
Biking redefined  with a 2 seater surrey Bike.
4 wheels and 2 side by side seats gives you perfect sense of security and balance. Make it a friends chatty ride or romantic ride . This 2 seater has one spot to fit a kid in between. Turning it into perfect small family ride .

4 seater surrey    $45/hour

4 Seater Surrey Bike  
Biking redefined  with a 4 seater surrey Bike. 
Friends getaway, Couples getaway or our very popular Family getaway.  This 4 seater  can fit 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids. Make you trip a memorable one with 4 seater surrey bike .

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The Trikers E-bike & Surrey Bike Rental

4400 Queen Street 

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

L2E 2L3

Ph: 647 687 0263

e-mail: thetrikerscanada@gmail.com