What to bring with you ?

Camera Sunglasses Closed toe shoes or sneakers Binoculars Mobile phone Sunglasses Chap stick We provide bottled Water

Safety Rules.

PLEASE FOLLOW ALL RULES Drive approx 1 car length apart (NO TAILGATING) Always be aware of your surroundings, (DRIVE SAFELY) Give Pedestrians right of way at crossings Always keep your helmet on while driving trike Always use your turn signals whenever changing lanes AND Release after turn Let go of accelerator when braking/stopping- Don’t ride on your brakes when going downhill- Just let it coast PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE YOUR TRIKE ALWAYS FOLLOW TOUR GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS

Trike Rental details

Trike may be rented for minimum 3 hours per day There will be a training of the use of the Trike before leaving the lot which is part of your rental time A $200.00 deposit will be held on a credit card for each rental (won’t be charged) to offset any damage to trike Renter must sign all waivers and agreements online Helmets are provided and required to wear. Driver must be at least 21 years old with a valid drivers license and passenger must be at least 8 years old NO HIGHWAY/FREEWAY DRIVING- ONLY LOCAL STREETS AT A MAXIMUM SPEED OF 25 MPH There will be a $20 charge for EVERY 15 minute or fraction of EVERY 15 minutes that trike is returned late which will be taken from your deposit. NO GRACE PERIOD!

Insurance and liscencing

The law doesnt not require to have insurance or Liscensing on these specific Bikes. Valid credit card is required to hold a deposit of $200.

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The Trikers E-bike & Slingshot rentals

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