We cannot wait for you go slinging, Slingshot  is fully road legal vehicle, it means you can drive a slingshot just like a car, yes even on Highway .
Slingshot is more of driving Experience,  We do not restrict where you can go with the slingshot, But there are some recommended route below, where you can really enjoy the ride, we do suggest customers to get hang of the car on regular road, before hitting the Highway.
Please follow the speed limits of the road,  You will be responsible for any speeding ticket, Helmets are Must, Police will stop and ticket you for not wearing Helmet,  Once you are comfortable feel free to get on the Highway, to experience bit of speed.

We Only rent the slingshot for an Hour or 2 Hours, You can cruise Niagara falls in an Hour or Hit straight to Niagara on the lake, 2 Hours will let you cruise  Falls and Niagara on the lake without feeling rushed Or you can hit straight to Crystal Beach and be back in 2 hours.

You do not have to pay for Parking Slingshot in Public parking spots, if you do end up getting ticket please bring it to us and we will take care of it.

Please note that we do take any stunts in the car very seriously, all our Slingshot do have speed trackers, we do not intrude your fun, but the trackers are set to alert  us when you go over the speed limit  than allowed.


These are the suggested and the common routes that are taken by our customers , Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake and crystal beach,  Which are scenic and touristy at the same time.

Slingshot 1 Hour (3).png
Slingshot 1 Hour (4).png
Slingshot 1 Hour (5).png